fred bully - 闇

01)Yann Tiersen - Les bras de mer
02)Bauhaus - In fear of fear
03)Killing Joke - Eighties
04)Mano Negra - Mad house
05)David Bowie - Criminal world
06)Clan of Xymox - Medusa
07)Yello - Desire
08)The Cure - Seventeen seconds
09)Tha Chameleons - Perfumed garden
10)The Smiths - I want the one i can't have
11)Martin Gore - Compulsion
12)Depeche Mode - The things you said
13)Lou Reed and John Cale - Style it takes
14)The Faint - Ballad of a paralyzed citizen
15)VNV Nation - Illusion
16)Depeche Mode - Freelove
17)Lee Rocker - Blue suede night
18)The Clash - Ghetto defendant

selection, photos and designs by Fred Bully

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